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InnoPeaks Community & Operations Intern
  • Carouge, Genève, Switzerland
Corporate Innovation Intern
  • Carouge, Genève, Switzerland

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Fusion is a global platform to help entrepreneurs, government and corporations innovate. We do so by providing a structured framework & community to practice entrepreneurial management. We call it Learn By Venturing. As part of this we run Acceleration, Incubation & Venture building programs. 

Since 2015 Fusion has now accelerated over 50 companies from Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech, Payment, Smart City & Digital Health. We have seen incredible development in technologies like Blockchain with 10 companies in portfolio but also sitting on pulse other Frontier Technologies. 

Fusion has continued to evolve from the very early days. We now run 3 vertical accelerator programs but also incubate new ventures. Our core is to help innovators with structured support, education methodology and community of mentors and experts.

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